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TMS Study Details How to Accelerate Development and Manufacture of Advanced Materials

Practical guidance on gaining a competitive edge by greatly accelerating the development and manufacture of advanced materials at significantly reduced costs is the focus of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME): Implementing ICME in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Maritime Industries—a groundbreaking study released by TMS at the 2nd World Congress on ICME in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The study is available for free download on the TMS website.

The new TMS report bridges the gap between theoretical discussion and real-world application of ICME by providing detailed, realistic frameworks for implementing ICME-Accelerated Product Development Programs within the next three years. Although developed with the needs of the automotive, aerospace, and maritime sectors in mind, the frameworks and recommendations are also highly portable to other industries.

The study was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (Office of Naval Research and Air Force Research Laboratory), the U.S. Department of Energy (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy—Vehicle Technologies Office), and the U.S. National Science Foundation (Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation) under a grant to TMS.


2013 RELEASE: Implementing ICME in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Maritime Industries   [VISIT]
Giving practical guidance on how to accelerate the development and manufacture of advanced materials is the focus of this groundbreaking study, organized by TMS.

COMMITTEE: Advanced Characterization, Testing, and Simulation   [VISIT]
With a focus on structural materials, this TMS Technical Committee examines advances in characterization and modeling, as well as development of computational tools.

COMMITTEE: Computational Materials Science & Engineering   [VISIT]
This TMS Technical Committee focuses on fostering research and development associated with the mathematical and computational determination of the physical and engineering properties of materials.

COMMITTEE: Education   [VISIT]
A TMS Administrative Committee, this group contributes to the preparation of future materials science and engineering professionals through outreach, educational resource development, and cooperative efforts with other interested societies and committees.

COMMITTEE: Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering (ICME)   [VISIT]
This TMS Technical Committee is responsible for promoting the emerging discipline of ICME through an array of educational and outreach activities.

COMMITTEE: Materials Characterization   [VISIT]
Focusing on the materials characterization aspect of process research and development, this TMS Technical Committee encompasses product evaluation, process design, and trouble-shooting.

COMMITTEE: Process Technology and Modeling Committee   [VISIT]
This TMS Technical Committee explores the fundamental principles for materials production, the design of controls, and analysis and modeling of material synthesis and processing.

A one-page summary of TMS's history, mission, services, and membership.

PUBLISHING OPPORTUNITY: Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation (IMMI)   [VISIT]
TMS's new Open Access journal, IMMI combines the peer review rigor of scholarly publications with enhanced digital content to bring the latest in innovations, from materials discovery through manufacturing.

JOM is the monthly technical journal of TMS exploring the many aspects of materials science and engineering. View the Technical Emphasis Calendar for topics related to ICME and integrating materials and manufacturing innovation.

PUBLISHING OPPORTUNITY: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions   [VISIT]
Jointly published by TMS and ASM International, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A and B are highly respected, peer-reviewed archival journals for metallurgy and materials science.