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TMS Study Details How to Accelerate Development and Manufacture of Advanced Materials

Practical guidance on gaining a competitive edge by greatly accelerating the development and manufacture of advanced materials at significantly reduced costs is the focus of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME): Implementing ICME in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Maritime Industries—a groundbreaking study released by TMS at the 2nd World Congress on ICME in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The study is available for free download on the ...


Click on any of these resources to download a free copy. Any reports or publications developed by TMS in support of its Materials Innovation @ TMS initiative will be posted in this section as soon as they are published.

REPORT: TMS-MRS "Big Data" Survey Preliminary Highlights   [DOWNLOAD]
Preview of the findings of a survey jointly conducted by TMS and the Materials Research Society (MRS) to gain insights into the subjects of open research and big data.

First Call for Papers issued by Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation (IMMI), TMS's new, Open Access journal.

REPORT: Results of MGI Strategic Scoping Session   [DOWNLOAD]
Brief overview of the output and recommendations made during a forum of 45 MSE thought leaders held in October 2011 on the future development of the Materials Genome Initiative.

ARTICLE: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering: A Perspective on Progress and Future Steps   [DOWNLOAD]
Published in the April 2011 issue of JOM by John Allison, this article reviews progress being made and some key future steps that will move the emerging field of ICME forward.

ARTICLE: The Four Foundational Groups Required for a Successful ICME Approach   [DOWNLOAD]
A broad overview of the roles of four foundational groups—corporations, government organizations, universities, and professional societies—in fostering rapid growth and implementation of ICME.



Follow these links to recently released publications and other valuable information and learning resources.

2013 RELEASE: Implementing ICME in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Maritime Industries   [VISIT]
Giving practical guidance on how to accelerate the development and manufacture of advanced materials is the focus of this groundbreaking study, organized by TMS.

BOOK: ICME for Metals: Using Multiscale Modeling to Invigorate Engineering Design with Science   [VISIT]
Written by one of the world's leading ICME experts, this text delivers a comprehensive, practical introduction to the field, guiding readers through multiscale materials processing modeling and simulation with easy-to-follow explanations and examples.

BOOK: Proceedings of 3D Materials Science 2012   [VISIT]
This collection provides authoritative presentations on all aspects of 3D materials science.

BOOK: Proceedings of the 1st World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)   [VISIT]
Containing 25 papers, this volume covers processing-microstructure relationships, modeling microstructure-property relationships, and the role of ICME in graduate and undergraduate education. TMS members receive a 25 percent discount.

DOCUMENT: Orlando Materials Innovation Principles   [VISIT]
An outcome of the 2012 TMS Materials and Manufacturing Leaders Summit, the Principles provide guidance on pursuing collaborative efforts with the intent of accelerating the materials innovation process to drive manufacturing and economic growth.

JOURNAL: Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation   [VISIT]
TMS's new Open Access journal, IMMI combines the peer review rigor of scholarly publications with enhanced digital content to bring the latest in innovations, from materials discovery through manufacturing.

JOM is the monthly technical journal of TMS exploring the many aspects of materials science and engineering. View the Technical Emphasis Calendar for topics related to ICME and integrating materials and manufacturing innovation.