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The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS)
Telephone: 800-759-4867, extension 252 (U.S. and Canada Only)
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Preliminary Results of “Big Data” Survey Released

TMS and the Materials Research Society (MRS) have released the preliminary results of the “big data” survey project that the two organizations jointly conducted in May. The goal of the effort was to gain insights into the materials science and engineering community’s views on the subjects of open r ...


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Materials Innovation @ TMS   [DOWNLOAD]
Image: Logo for Materials Innovation @ TMS, an initiative focused on accelerating materials discovery and commercialization.

Image: Cover of Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, TMS's online peer-reviewed journal.


PRESS RELEASE: TMS Forms ICME Implementation Teams   [DOWNLOAD]
Released September 25, 2012.

PRESS RELEASE: First TMS MGI Fellow Selected for White House Placement   [DOWNLOAD]
Released August 6, 2012.

PRESS RELEASE: New Study Examines ICME Implementation for Lightweight Structural Materials Applications   [DOWNLOAD]
Released June 4, 2012.

PRESS RELEASE: New Executive Branch Fellowship Focuses on MGI   [DOWNLOAD]
Released May 14, 2012.

PRESS RELEASE: TMS Releases “Orlando Materials Innovation Principles”   [DOWNLOAD]
Released May 14, 2012.

FACT SHEET: Materials Innovation @ TMS   [DOWNLOAD]
A one-sheet summary of key activities and opportunities currently being spearheaded by TMS's newest strategic initiative.

PRESS RELEASE: New Online Forum Provides Centralized Communication on the MGI   [DOWNLOAD]
Released April 11, 2012.


DOCUMENT: Orlando Materials Innovation Principles   [VISIT]
An outcome of the 2012 TMS Materials and Manufacturing Leaders Summit, the Principles provide guidance on pursuing collaborative efforts with the intent of accelerating the materials innovation process to drive manufacturing and economic growth.

Materials Technology@TMS: Emerging Materials Community   [VISIT]
This site has been designed as a destination for technical information, discussion, and news related to new technologies and approaches that support integrating materials and manufacturing innovation.

REPORT: 2012 Scoping Session Report   [VISIT]
Overview and results of a 2012 TMS/ASM workshop convened to define key data management issues associated with building a materials innovation infrastructure.

REPORT: Materials Genome Initiative for Global Competiveness   [VISIT]
Published in June 2011 by the by the National Science and Technology Council, this white paper presents the goals of the Materials Genome Initiative, a multi-stakeholder effort to develop an infrastructure to accelerate materials discovery and deployment.

WEBCAST: Accelerating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation for Global Competitiveness   [VISIT]
Presentation slides from the Materials Information Luncheon held at the U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC, August 3, 2011, and sponsored by TMS and the Materials Research Society.