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Modeling Across Scales: - A Roadmapping Study for Connecting Materials Models and Simulations Across Length and Time Scales

Effective linkage of materials models across length and time scales is a significant challenge in accelerating materials-based technological innovations. Compiled by a team of internationally recognized experts, Modeling Across Scales is an indispensable tool for progress on this topic.
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Implementing ICME in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Maritime Industries

Download your free copy today of Implementing ICME in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Maritime Industries, the groundbreaking study organized by TMS that lays out practical guidance for implementing an integrated computational materials engineering (ICME)-accelerated product development program within three years. Special features include frameworks that detail necessary actions needed to implement ICME, in-depth recommendations for addressing ICME implementation issues that cut across all industrial sectors, as well as identification of more than 50 near-term application opportunities.

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TMS Materials Cyberinfrastrucure Portal

As you review the frameworks and recommendations in Implementing ICME in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Maritime Industries, be sure to explore the resources of the TMS Materials Cyberinfrastructure Portal. Recently redesigned to align with the study’s findings, the Portal serves as an online access point to critical tools and resources—including computational models and materials databases—that can support the implementation of an ICME-accelerated product development program.
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